I always give to people on the streets as well as to the charities that support them. I was in the act of passing a pound to a street beggar when a City guy said to me ‘Don’t encourage him.’ I said, ‘You mean don’t give him a bonus this year?’
What is the matter with our humanity that we imagine a life on the streets is an easy doss? (Jeanette Winterson)


Vinter 5

Ja. vad är det för fel … vad är det som har hänt med oss som har tak över huvudet, mer mat och kläder än vi någonsin behöver  när vi kan tro …  inbilla oss …  att ett liv på gatorna är ett lätt liv?

But the world is darkening. Greed has spoiled life for all of us.
I hoped that the global meltdown would prompt a generational shift in values. Instead, all we talk about is money. When money is in short supply we need more than ever a cultural life, an inner life, an imaginative life, a way of life not dependent on shopping and spending. (JW)