Buffalo Man R.I.P

Oodie´s Place at WSB and Koh Chang  the first years we spent one  month a year there … with Oodie himself of course, with Tien the extraordinary guitarist, with Elen the vocalist , who we called Thai Tina Turner, and Alex and of course Buffalo Man …

Elen & Buffalo Man & Tien sing and play Do Do Do …

Oodie´s will not be the same without Buffalo Man … and Elen (who just now lives in the Philipine with her family) and Alex who lives in England  with his jug band …

This I got from Elen just now …  That shows how it often was at Oodie´s … Crazy …

I miss Koh Chang and WSB and Oodie´s as it was … but Times they are a´changin … and we have got to change with them …


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